CIA Finally Puts Biggest Lie About Iraq War To Rest; Bush/Cheney Should Be In Prison

If you or your conservative friends, as many still do, ever believed that the Iraq war was a response for 9/11, the CIA finally put that myth to rest. Not only was the Iraq war one of the most fiscally and internationally irresponsible moves the George W. Bush administration could have made, it was based on lies and, as the CIA just confirmed, a political agenda.

As recently as a year ago, polls were conducted that said that more than half of Americans still believe the lie that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. He wasn’t. The success of that massive lie is no doubt what led us to the fact free world which gave us Donald Trump.

Instead of waiting to gather all the intelligence, according to the CIA, the Bush administration was fully committed to pulling the trigger immediately following the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Discussing the first days of the Bush administration on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, (former CIA analyst John) Nixon said: “We had gotten word that they saw Iraq as ‘unfinished business’.

“We never really understood at that point what unfinished business meant, but we knew that they wanted to do something.”

He added: “You know, they had their minds made up from day one. And then after 9/11, that’s when the death warrant for Saddam Hussein was signed.”

Source: Independent

Nixon didn’t offer any speculation as to why Bush had it in for Hussein, but a number of explanations have been floated, such as it was (as Nixon seems to imply) the younger Bush finishing what his father started when the George Bush Sr. invaded Iraq. Another possible explanation is even worse. It’s war profiteering, plain and simple. It’s also highly likely that it was both. The bottom line, though, is that we never should have been in Iraq and that was a giant failing of not just Washington, but of our media. Unfortunately, neither the media nor Washington seems to have learned their lessons and we will be led by lies from now until at least the end of the Trump administration.

Featured image via Mike Heffner/Getty Images