James Clapper Drops STUNNING Truthbomb: Russia Behind ‘Fake News’ In 2016 Election (VIDEO)

As President-elect Donald Trump continues to dismiss the intelligence community’s multiple reports on Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election, another shocking detail of the country’s involvement on Trump’s behalf has just been confirmed.

During Thursday’s Senate hearing over the election hacking, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper confirmed suspicions that Russia was not only involved in the hacking, but was also responsible for the onslaught of fake news and fake news websites that influenced the election in Trump’s favor.

Democratic Rhode Island Senator Jake Reed questioned Clapper about the numerous reports that Russia might have created “fake news” to further influence the election. He asked:

“One of the aspects of this Russian hacking was not just disseminating information they had exploited from computers, but also the allegations of fake news sites, fake news stories that were propagated. Is that an accurate – is that one aspect of this problem?”

Clapper could not have said it better. He stated:

“This was a multifaceted campaign. So the hacking was only one part of it, and it also entailed classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news.”

When Reed followed up to ask if this was still continuing, Clapper said, “Yes.”

You can watch Clapper deliver his comments on the Russian hacking below:

Russia’s development of “fake news” is important to note. As the outcome of this election was a shock to many, fake news websites were held largely responsible for pushing a narrative that helped Trump gain support. There have been several highly inaccurate stories that reported on Trump – one heavily involved writer even publicly confessed “I fooled America with fake news stories and got Trump elected.”

While there were many fake news sites pushing a Trump narrative that weren’t connected to Russia, the country’s involvement certainly didn’t help. And considering that Trump has never liked the truth or facts, you can only imagine that he’s going to keep defending Russia over this.

Featured image via Adam Berry via Getty Images