Dan Rather Has SHOCKING Response After Trump Sides With Assange Over America (TWEET)

Legendary reporter Dan Rather has commented on the ridiculous antics of President-elect Donald Trump before, but it seems as though Trump’s foolishness and erratic behavior has finally struck a nerve that Rather can’t shake off.

Earlier today, Trump sent out a tweet that took the side of Julian Assange after the WikiLeaks founder claimed he had not gotten the Democratic National Committee’s emails from Russia in an interview with Fox News. Trump pathetically used this information to defend Russia despite the fact that multiple intelligence reports have pointed right to the Kremlin.

In response to this, Rather took to Facebook to rip Trump a new one for his “cavalier dismissal” of Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election. Rather didn’t mince his words, perfectly stating what many of us are feeling at this point, as our future President sides with our adversaries. Rather wrote:

“Stunned disbelief. Anxiety. A mounting sense of betrayal. These are the smoke signals rising from those in and around the United States intelligence community over President-elect Donald Trump’s dismissal of the evidence of Russian hacking in the presidential election.”

Rather blasted Trump for trusting Assange over America’s own intelligence communities, remarking on Trump’s stupidity for trusting someone who clearly doesn’t have the United States’ best interest in mind:

“Assange, in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity (who at this point must be considered a full-fledged propagandist and abetter) said he didn’t get the information from Russia. Well if he says so… Let’s just use that same standard for all of our adversaries. Nothing to see here. Why waste all these billions of dollars on intelligence gathering?”

Rather also raised a question that many of us have been wondering when he asked how the many “people risking their lives” and using their “immense analytical skills … instead of … making millions on Wall Street” feel about “Mr. Trump’s cavalier dismissal of their work.”

Rather perfectly stated that Trump’s denial and refusal of the intelligence reports is dangerous and “affects all Americans, and people around the world.” The legendary reporter called on Trump’s fellow Republicans and advisers to knock some sense into the President-elect:

“Hopefully patriots within Mr. Trump’s own party and in his inner circle will step up and tell the incoming president how dangerous this rhetoric is. Heaven forbid we suffer another horrible attack. Heaven forbid our intelligence community was hollowed out, wasn’t listened to or respected. These are the stakes.”

No one could have said it better. You can read Rather’s response to Trump’s idiocy below:

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