Jewish Family’s Hanukkah Destroyed By Vandalism; Trump Supporters Make It Worse (IMAGE)

A Chandler, Arizona family awoke early one morning to see that the Menorah sculpture on their lawn had been vandalized and turned into a swastika. Clearly, this was bad enough for the Jewish family, but when Fox 10 Phoenix posted the picture, things got really ugly. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump’s name was mentioned a lot.

[It takes] “A very ignorant, shallow person, a coward,” said Gary Guadagnino, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than two decades. The Menorah decoration belonged to her neighbor, Naomi, and her husband.

According to Naomi, she and her husband built the religious symbol two years ago, and it was brought back by popular demand. Naomi said her family has no idea why someone would do this, especially in their accepting, welcoming community.

“Someone full of a lot of hate and prejudice would do it,” said Naomi. “I can’t imagine that someone from this community or this neighborhood would do something like that.”

Facebook users weren’t as sympathetic as the neighbors. Some thought the Holocaust symbol was amusing:

Others blamed liberals and people who didn’t vote for Trump:

Others blamed the homeowners:

Some, like this guy with a Confederate flag, thought the swastika was no big deal:

The United Nations did it? Really?

John Kerry even got the blame:

And there were some proud Nazis saying that the Jewish family brought it on themselves for being Jewish.

This guy hates Jews too:

This voice of sanity got absolutely zero likes:

Part of the blame for this belongs with the conservative media, who has been jumping on a few faked hate crimes to try to delegitimize true hate crimes, and trust me, there’s been no shortage.

As the comments show, racists and antisemitics feel empowered now, and for that we can blame Donald Trump. While the right-wing media is pointing to 10 or maybe 17 instances of faked hate crimes, the Southern Poverty Law Center has collected more than 1,000 incidents of hate crimes, just since the election. 108 of those have included a swastika and 33 have been anti-semitic. These weren’t done by liberals or by people who voted for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump brought this on.

Featured image via screen capture from embedded Facebook post