CNN Host STUNNED As Trump’s Team REFUSES To Comment On Russian Hacking (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s team certainly doesn’t make it easy for the people who have to interview them. In a typical interview with Trump’s team, news anchors have to constantly fact check and repeatedly bring Trump’s minions back to the original questions and topics as they deflect blame and avoid answering every question.

On Monday’s “New Day,” CNN host Alisyn Camerota had to interview Trump spokesman Sean Spicer, and it was basically an interview from hell as Spicer wouldn’t give her any responses to the most pressing questions. Camerota had tried to ask Spicer just what special information Trump claimed he knows about Russia’s involvement in the US election. Spicer’s response couldn’t have been more insane as he said Trump gets a lot of “classified information, intelligence reports” on a daily basis (despite the fact that Trump’s team once said the president-elect only gets briefings once per week). Spicer then went off topic and said Trump will wait to make conclusions about the hacking, ignoring the fact that Trump has defended Russia extensively from all blame.

Camerota was unwilling to let Spicer avoid the question, and she said:

“I want to get back to my question. Is Mr. Trump, who said he’s going to reveal something, he says he knows things.”

Spicer again refused to give a response, stating that Trump would talk about it himself right before blaming Obama for not talking about China’s 2015 hacking. Camerota responded by fact-checking Spicer right then and there. She said:

“Sean, just to correct you, you say not a single statement was ever issued or made after the Chinese hacking. I have the statement right here in my hands.”

Spicer’s response was pathetic, as he admitted to being wrong but still continued to blame Obama, accusing Obama of responding too late. Camerota tirelessly tried to bring Spicer back to her question:

“Sean, I’m more interested in what Mr. Trump is going to do. We’re not electing President Obama again. You are representing Mr. Trump.”

Camerota asked about Trump’s plans, and Spicer couldn’t provide her with anything. All he did was confess that Trump didn’t have a final report. Spicer then stunned Camerota by admitting that he had lied earlier when he said Trump had been briefed:

“The report is not final. He’s not been briefed by the heads of the intelligence community.”

A stunned Camerota said in disbelief, “He has not been briefed about the heads of the intelligence community about whether or not they believe Russia is behind the hacking?”

Spicer began to fall apart when Camerota told him to “hold on” after he accused anyone who believed “non-final” reports of being irresponsible. Spicer shouted, “No! Not, hold on! The idea we’re asking people and making assumptions on a report that’s not final is unbelievable.”

The rest of the interview, Camerota was forced to constantly counter Spicer’s moronic remarks. Spicer practically ended the interview by completely disrespecting Camerota for expecting that Trump and his team might at least be exploring the possibility that reports about the Russian hacking are correct. Spicer said condescendingly:

“I know it’s frustrating for you that we’re doing it in a logical way. No, we’re going to get all the information, get briefed properly and make a decision. We’re not going to put the cart before the horse.”

Camerota couldn’t believe her ears. You can watch this disastrous interview below:

Featured image via screenshot