WATCH: Conservative Radio Host NAILS Just How Dumb Trump Is For Relying On Twitter

Donald Trump just got BURNED for using Twitter so much.

During an appearance on MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell, conservative radio host Charlie Sykes was very blunt about what he thinks about Trump’s intellect.

O’Donnell said that Trump’s tweets don’t mean anything but mentioned that his tweets are causing concern because a single tweet about Boeing caused its stock price to drop.

Trump’s use of Twitter is causing anxiety among millions of Americans, including conservatives, especially after he picked a fight with China and sucked up to Russia while declaring his intention to expand America’s nuclear weapons stockpile in what he terms a “new arms race.”

“You just don’t know,” Sykes replied. “I mean, when does this jump the shark?”

“I mean also, this is going to encapsulate, and this is really going to symbolize the quality of this man’s thought. I mean, there was a time when we had presidents who read books. Now we have presidents who write in one hundred and forty character messages. You know we once had presidents who were eloquent, who could rally the nation. But, you know, here is a president who does feel comfortable on Twitter because I do think that that is the perfect venue for the quality of his thinking. And I think that that is going to be something that’s going to be a defining element in his presidency.”

Here’s the video via MSNBC:

In other words, Trump is not smart enough to get his message across to the American people in more conventional ways. He would rather lazily use Twitter and the 140 character limit, which allows Trump to avoid providing details or evidence of his claims.

We all know that Trump gets crushed whenever he has to debate someone in person or gets interviewed by a journalist who does their damn job.

But on Twitter, Trump presents his opinions as facts and attacks anyone who criticizes him, unleashing his deplorable supporters upon the people he targets.

But Twitter is not a forum for critical thinking, and Trump has demonstrated over and over again that he is not a critical thinker. He speaks before he thinks and often lashes out over the smallest slights or any other thing Fox News bitches about in the morning.

Americans are sick and tired of Trump’s reliance on Twitter. They want real answers and they want details, not a meaningless blurb devoid of evidence and civility.

Featured Image: Mark Wilson/Getty Images