Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick Wants To Eliminate Break Time, Overtime Pay, And Other Protections

The working class voters who supported Donald Trump just got duped again.

Because if Trump’s Secretary of Labor pick has his way, workers will no longer be able to take a much needed break during the workday.

Workers need breaks. It gives them a chance to grab something to eat and recharge their batteries so they can go back to work with a fresher mind and body. Workers perform their jobs better with breaks and are less likely to make mistakes.

That’s why workers get a mandatory break thanks to labor unions and the federal government.

But fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder wants to force workers to work straight through the day without a break.

In a 2009 interview dug up by OC Weekly, Puzder expressed his disdain for the state of California where the Carl’s Jr. restaurant originated and openly whined about overtime laws and other worker protections, including laws allowing workers to take a much needed break during their shift.

Trump’s labor man also had choice words for Carl’s Jr.’s home state. “I think the big change in California, it’s really become a kind of socialist state,” Puzder opined. “You can’t be a capitalist in this state, and Carl was at heart a capitalist who created a company that to this day bears his initials.” The would-be Labor Secretary complained about regulations and overtime laws, claiming workers are overprotected.

“Have you ever been to a fast food restaurant and the employees are sitting and you’re wondering, ‘Why are they sitting?'” Puzder asked. “They are on what is called a mandatory break [emphasis his].” He shared a laugh with the interviewer, saying the so-called nanny state is why Carl’s Jr. doesn’t open up any new restaurants in California anymore.

In short, all those Trump supporters who think Trump is going to make their lives easier will not only lose Social Security and their healthcare, they are going to lose break time at work as well as their overtime pay, minimum wage, and other protections that keep them safe and unexploited while on the job.

The choice of Puzder as Labor Secretary is the ultimate “f*ck you” to the working class. Trump literally picked a guy who opposes worker’s rights and the right to get paid fair wages.

Any blue collar worker who voted for Trump because they believed he was on their side have just been betrayed and while they are denying it now, they won’t be able to deny it once they are worked to the bone and get little pay, no healthcare, and no Social Security to save them from poverty once they retire, assuming they are able to retire at all.

Featured Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images