Trump Gets DESTROYED On Twitter For His Latest Tweet About Putin

Donald Trump has made it clear that he has a very large place in his heart for Vladimir Putin, so big in fact, that he’s taken his side against fellow Americans.

Earlier today, Trump tweeted a response to a statement from Putin:

Well, first off, Hillary won the popular vote, and Trump is in constant denial of that. Also, if the situation were reversed Trump would have thrown a giant temper-tantrum in response. Not to mention the fact he’s taking the side of a foreign country against his fellow American people. Of course, how could he be against the man who helped him win the election? Donald Trump has no room to say what’s dignified and what’s not, in fact, he probably doesn’t know what the word even means. Either way, Trump is getting plenty of comments in response to this tweet, and their completely justified.

The sad part is, Jon has an excellent point. Apparently, Donald Trump would rather please Vladimir than the 65 million Americans who voted for Clinton.

The Rude Pundit also made a great remark in response to the president-elect’s tweet:

It’s probably safe to say Trump’s presidency would do more damage, but sadly we won’t know for sure until it’s too late.

Michael McFaul also responded to Trump’s nearly treasonous tweet:

Michael made a small mistake in this tweet though, it wasn’t an American, it was 65 million Americans.

The tweets don’t stop here though, they continue on, calling Trump on all the irony of his tweet.

Donald Trump continues to embarrass himself on Twitter and it’s awesome because we get to laugh and make fun of him all the time. Well, sort of. The major downside about this is Trump is serious about what he says, and everything he says is garbage, but that’s what we have to deal with for the next four years.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images