China Openly MOCKS Trump By Turning Him Into A Rooster, And It’s HILARIOUS (IMAGES)

It’s not looking as though relations between Donald Trump and China are going to get better any time soon. Not only has Trump been crushing relations every which way with the nation since the start of his campaign, but now it looks as though China is letting us know what they think of him.

To help ring in the Chinese New Year, and with 2017 being the Year of the Rooster, China’s Shanxi province has turned Trump into a giant rooster.

The giant “Trump Rooster” statue features a rooster that looks startlingly like the president-elect. It has his infamous hair, angry scowl on its face, and even has the same hand gestures.

Check the statue out here:

Here’s a closer look:





You know with Trump’s rather fragile ego that this statue will undoubtedly piss him off, and we’ll probably be hearing about it soon via the president-elect’s medium of choice — Twitter.

Or, he’ll see it as a tribute to himself and turn the whole thing around to mean that China sees this as the year of Trump, and who knows, maybe they do.

Meanwhile the rest of us can look at it and laugh, because, well, it’s pretty damn hilarious.

Featured image via Twitter