Donald Trump Just Took Credit For Christmas And Twitter Is Tearing His F*cking Throat Out (TWEETS)

Americans have been spending well over $2 trillion on Christmas since at least 2000, with that number topping $3 trillion in recent years. But if you ask Donald Trump, Americans’ rather typical spending this year is all thanks to him.

Seriously — he took credit for Christmas.

Yes, all those thoughtful gifts you bought your family weren’t because you would do that any year — they were all because less than half of the country kinda-sorta elected The Donald to lead the country for the next four years (if we last that long).

Trump’s delusions of grandeur are at this point something that invites nothing but mockery — and Twitter, as usual, delivered spectacularly.

It takes a special level of delusion to genuinely believe that you saved Christmas because you were elected President — especially when spending is on par with previous years. But sorry little Johnny and little Susie, your presents aren’t under the tree because your parents want to make you happy or even because of Santa. They’re there because America threw away anything resembling a moral center and elected a racist, xenophobic hatemonger to office.

As for stock prices, they’ve been fairly steady since about 2010 — but you won’t hear Trump saying that, and you won’t catch his idiot followers believing it.

Featured image via Getty Images (Drew Angerer)/screengrab