WATCH: Rachel Maddow OBLITERATES Kellyanne Conway Over Trump’s Call For More Nukes

Rachel Maddow just pounded Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and soon-to-be White House counselor, into the ground over the president-elect’s call for more nuclear weapons.

The MSNBC host confronted Conway with Trump’s repeated suggestions that the world needs more nukes. Conway wriggled and squirmed to try to put a positive twist on Trump’s calls for expanding nuclear capabilities, but Maddow was not having it. Trump’s professional spin doctor even tried to claim that Trump hadn’t really suggested that we should have more nuclear weapons at all.

News flash, he absolutely did. On Thursday morning, which is just the most recent instance of his thirst for more nuclear weapons, Trump posted this little gem to his Twitter page for all his followers to see.

Maddow completely shut Conway down when she tried to argue that Trump’s Twitter rants aren’t actually him setting official policy.

“The president making policy happens whenever the president speaks on a national security matter,” Maddo pointed out.

Conway may be good at twisting the truth but she utterly failed tonight when she tried to make Trump’s insistence that we need more nukes look like anything other than the terrifying invitation for global disaster that it is.

Watch Maddow shut Conway down when it comes to Trump’s calls for more nuclear weapons, here:

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