Trump’s Cabinet Is Record-Breaking — In The Worst Possible Way

Donald Trump, president-elect of the United States, has created a cabinet that has a net worth larger than the world’s 70 smallest countries, and it still has open spots.

In the calculation to find the net worth of Trump’s staff, Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, Trump’s chief of staff, his Cabinet members and ambassadors were all included.¬†According to the Boston Globe, Trump’s selected cabinet’s net worth reaches over $13 billion. That’s five times the worth of president Obama’s, and 34 times greater than George W. Bush’s administration. It’s also the wealthiest cabinet in the history of the U.S., which is strange when you consider Trump’s promise to take the power out of the hands of Wall Street.¬†Best part is, the number is going to get higher as Trump fills the last few open spots in the cabinet.

The richest of Trump’s cabinet is Betsy DeVos, worth $5.1 billion according to Forbes, and she’s been appointed as secretary of education.

Wilbur Ross, worth $2.5 billion, has been selected for secretary of commerce.

Linda McMahon, former WWE executive and U.S. Senate candidate, has been chosen to serve as small business administrator. She is worth an estimated $1.35 billion.

The list goes on, filled with all the billionaires that Trump so readily blamed for killing jobs and ruining our country during his campaign. He lied his way into office, gathering support from those who were blind with hate against Obama and the democratic party. Well, surely now they are realizing how badly Trump is going to screw our country. He’s surrounding himself with the people that are corrupting our system, destroying jobs and the middle class, ruining our economy in the process. Trump’s term is going to help the rich get richer, not create jobs and a booming economy.

Featured image via Sara D. Davis/Getty Images