Alabama Is Considering PROMOTING Lawless, Disgraced Justice Roy Moore

Oh, Alabama. In some ways, you’ve replaced Arizona, Texas and Florida for craziest state in the nation, and your governor just proved it. Trump has nominated Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, which means Alabama has to replace him in the Senate. Who are they considering? There are several candidates, but one of them really shouldn’t be under any consideration at all: Suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Roy Moore is the state Supreme Court justice who ordered all his probate judges to violate a federal court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. For that, he was put on trial and suspended because he was in direct violation of a federal court order, along with interfering with the legal process.

He also proved that he’s not willing to obey the law when it conflicts with his own warped morals. Despite the fact that this is not a Christian nation, Moore insists on practicing his faith from the bench and forcing the rest of the state to break the law to obey his morals.

Moore and his attorney, Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel, went through all sorts of bizarre gyrations in an attempt to clear Moore’s name and keep him on the bench. That included saying his order was merely a status report of sorts. He was just responding to questions from his 68 probate judges, according to his version of events.

Staver also accused the court system of being on a “witch hunt” to eliminate a controversial figure.

And this is the type of person that Governor Robert Bentley thinks would make a good interim Senator to replace Sessions until a special election can be held? Moore would be at least as bad as Ted Cruz, but probably worse. Maybe even much worse. Moore has zero business ever holding any public office again, and Bentley must be on something to think otherwise.

Featured image by Erik S. Lesser via Getty Images