Transition Official Stuns MSNBC Anchor When He Says Not To Take Trump ‘Literally’ (VIDEO)

Every single time Donald Trump makes an absurd statement, his supporters rush in to explain what the president-elect really meant. This country will be led by a man who doesn’t know how to communicate. According to a member of the transition team, Trump should be taken symbolically, not literally. Well, that’s just great.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle pressed aide Anthony Scaramucci on why Trump hasn’t held a news conference since July 27th and the president-elect canceled one scheduled for December 15th.

Scaramucci suggested that Trump canceled the news conference because “he’s a very precise, very detail-oriented guy” who wants to have “all of the answers to all of the types of questions that’s he’s gonna get thrown,” according to Politico.

“Hold on. If he’s a detail-oriented guy, then how does this statement that we’ve been hearing for months — don’t take him literally, take him seriously — make sense?” Ruhle asked. “Because that’s sort of the opposite.”

Then Scaramucci blamed the media.

“You should definitely take him seriously because he’s a man of his word, but I do think that some of the things that happens with the media is when he’s sending out tweets or he’s speaking in a certain way that sets the hair on fire of the nation’s media — particularly the left-leaning media — I think his supporters see that more as symbolism and a rejection of sort of that egg and tomato throwing that he’s experienced from June of 2015 when he announced his campaign,” he said.

Scaramucci said “some people out there that do get a little crazy with the president-elect.” Well, if he’d stop putting terrifying creatures in that swamp, maybe people would calm down a little. Just a suggestion.

Ruhle shot back saying that Trump puts information out there but doesn’t answer questions.

Trump is “the most scrutinized person in the world,” Scaramucci said. “And so [as] a result of which, when that press conference comes, my guess is he’s gonna have nine and 10 derivative-like questions, and he just wants to be ready for it. And that’s why he delayed it, which I think is a sign of his great temperament and very good judgment.”


If that were true, Trump would be able to refrain from attacking people on Twitter. That does not display a ‘great temperament’ or ‘good judgement.’ His own aide is suggesting that Trump isn’t prepared for the job. And if we take Trump ‘symbolically,’ that kind of sucks, too. He’s the hero of every white supremacist group across the board.

Image via screen capture.