WATCH: Fox Panel Pretends Republicans Never Treated The Obama Family Like Sh*t

Anybody who says conservatives always treated the Obama family with dignity and respect deserve to be smacked HARD to jog their memory.

Because ever since Donald Trump was elected, conservatives have been insisting that we should all unite behind him and treat him with nothing but respect because that’s how they treated President Obama.

Except that’s not how they treated President Obama at all. For eight years, conservatives have called him and his family every name in the book, particularly favoring the N-word. They also vowed to sabotage his presidency from the very first day. But they have the gall to call for everyone to give Trump a chance even though they never gave Obama a chance.

And the complete disrespect of our current president continued during a discussion on Fox Business, which was about Michelle Obama’s interview with Oprah Winfrey expressing the feeling of hopelessness that has engulfing millions of Americans since since the results came in on Election Day.

Of course, Fox host Maria Bartiromo and her right-wing guests attacked Mrs. Obama, with Morgan Ortagus literally demanding her to shut up and smile.

“You could really hear the disdain in her voice,” Ortagus opined. “People need to understand the American people spoke, the Electoral College voted and it’s time to move on. And the American people actually decided that it was a repudiation of the past eight years of the type of presidency that Barack Obama [had] and the policies he’s ensued [sic].”

But the American people voted for Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes so this election was definitely not a repudiation of President Obama. It was a demonstration of Russian power to meddle in our political process. Also, President Obama has a higher approval rating than Trump.

But Ortagus continued to whine.

“You didn’t hear Laura Bush saying anything eight years ago. She was gracious, she was classy, she was warm and welcoming to the new first family. And I think that Ms. Obama needs to take a cue from Laura Bush and probably just smile and be helpful to Melania Trump.”

Kevin Kelly then chimed in by accusing everyone who have lost hope of being lazy moochers who rely on government for everything.

Ortagus agreed and then treated Michelle Obama as if she’s “the help.”

“What really just irked me about the interview is I thought it was really inappropriate. If I were in her position, I would think she should be helping the incoming first lady, the incoming administration. It’s a huge transition for the first family. Melania Trump has a young son, she had young children. Let’s focus on the positive and help the new first family transition.”

“It doesn’t feel like the other side understands or really cares what the American people just voted for,” Bartiromo said.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Again, Donald Trump LOST the popular vote, so the American people voted AGAINST him. Furthermore, President Obama won both of his elections by far wider margins but conservatives didn’t care abut how the American people voted in 2008 or in 2012. They treated the Obamas like shit, and even attacked their young children and continue to do so today. So they have no right to whine about how people are treating Donald Trump. Turnabout is fair play, and Democrats should treat Trump the same way conservatives treated Obama.

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