Trump Says He Doesn’t Want Stars At Inauguration Because He Doesn’t Like Fancy Parties

President-elect Donald Trump said he isn’t interested in featuring A-list entertainers at his inauguration and a source told TMZ the event would be “strictly traditional.” That’s kind of hilarious on several levels. For one, Trump’s inaugural committee has been desperately trying to find stars to be featured at his big event,” one source said just last week. “They’re calling managers, agents, everyone in town to see who they can get and it’s been problematic. They are willing to pay anything.”

But TMZ says Trump thinks that parties should not be “over the top.”

One Trump insider says the Prez-elect is “obsessed” with energizing American business and industry … the parties just aren’t his thing. We’re told he doesn’t think it’s important to have big names perform and has actually pointed to all the big names supporting Hillary Clinton that ultimately did no good for her.

As one source put it, “It’s almost as January 20 doesn’t really matter to him, he’s looking forward to January 21 — his first real work day in the White House.”

Oh come on, TMZ, we know you’re breathlessly in love with Trump but your author has selective memory issues. Earlier this year, Trump’s team promised an extraordinary display of entertainment at the Republican National Convention. Instead of dazzling attendees at the event with celebrities, Antonio Sabato Jr. (a guy who was on a soap opera at some point), a golfer and Scott Baio (the Chachi guy) showed up to underwhelm the audience. It was a really classy event (wink wink). Baio was confronted by a CNN reporter at the convention for basically calling Hillary Clinton a c*nt on Twitter.

And sure, Trump isn’t into over the top sort of things, except for his $100 million penthouse which was inspired by the Palace of Versailles, his thank you tour, his private jet worth about $100 million and Mar-a-Lago, his Florida estate.

 Featured image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty