The Trump Organization Is Busy Putting Pressure On Foreign Diplomats To Stay At His Hotel

The Kuwaiti Embassy in Washington, D.C., tends to book their annual National Day celebration at the Four Seasons, and this year was supposed to be no exception. However, now this year is an exception because they’ve moved it from the Four Seasons to Trump’s hotel in the Old Post Office building. And they didn’t do that on a lark.

A diplomatic source, who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly and therefore wasn’t named, told ThinkProgress that the decision was political. The Trump Organization reportedly contacted the Ambassador of Kuwait and put pressure on him to move the event. They may have done the same to Bahrain earlier this month.

Apparently, there are a lot of foreign governments who are thinking of taking their business to Trump’s hotel as a way to curry favor with him. And Trump himself seems to be refusing to completely divest himself of his businesses. Could this be why? Surely an upstanding citizen such as Trump would never use his position as president to continue enriching himself. Right? Right.

Har de har har.

Trump’s greed, along with the hotel’s slow start, give him an incentive to continue being totally unethical. About a month after the hotel opened, there were many travel agents and event planners who felt the place wasn’t worth the trouble it takes to plan events at fancy hotels. At the time, Trump’s name and brand were badly tarnished, and that was reflected in the business at the hotel (and elsewhere, too).

This might be a different story if Trump was sincere in his promise to divest, and focus on the issues facing America. Sure, he’s open to “limits” on his involvement, but he doesn’t want anyone outside his family to have rights to his name, and he wants to be able to return to his company once his term as president is over.

There’s no way for this to look good as long as Trump even appears to still be involved with his businesses. There’s no way for it not to look like he’s trading favors for money. It won’t stop with Kuwait and Bahrain.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images