BREAKING: The Electoral College Votes Are In, And Here’s How It Went

Despite all efforts to stop this from happening, Donald Trump “cruised to victory” today in the Electoral College, according to the Associated Press. Now, unless something really bizarre happens when Congress certifies the vote, Trump is officially the 45th President of the United States.

Iowa’s electors cast all six of their votes for Trump, Montana cast all three of theirs for Trump, Michigan cast its 16 for Trump and Florida its 19, and Missouri and Arizona put him up to 245 when their votes came in.

It was apparently Texas that put Trump over the 270-vote threshold. Texas said earlier today that they might replace three electors who supposedly were ineligible to hold federal jobs, and there was a fourth who resigned. Election officials would have made sure that any replacements made would be solidly in Trump’s camp, and that’s exactly what happened.

Other than that, though, there was little sign of defection from Republicans, even though there were people who insisted that as many as 30 would “go rogue” and vote for someone else.

Now that he’s solidified his win, what’s going to happen? Well, for one thing, we can probably expect him to continue using his position to make himself richer. The Trump Organization has been pressuring foreign diplomats to hold their events at his hotel in D.C. Trump also canceled a press conference slated for Dec. 15, in which he was supposed to tell us how he was going to divest himself of his businesses.

There’s a chance he’ll be impeached fairly quickly after assuming office because of that, depending on whether there’s a case over the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Aside from that, though, Trump is now the president. We’re probably in for a wild ride, and not in a good way.

Photo of Donald Trump by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images. Photo of Hillary Clinton by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images