Trump Just F*cked Up His Spelling So Badly The DICTIONARY Mocked Him On Twitter (TWEETS)

At this point, Donald Trump is known for his spelling errors on Twitter and, well, in general. Not a day goes by that The Donald isn’t forced to delete a tweet that looks more like a kindergartener wrote it than normal, tweets in which he calls Hillary Clinton a “loose cannon” with bad instincts” and “bad judgement.” But on Saturday, he made an “unpresidented” error and literally got smacked down by the dictionary.

Tweeting about China’s seizure of a U.S. underwater drone — a brash action taken shortly after The Donald created an international incident by chatting with the President of Taiwan and Twitter-trolling China. Since that call, Chinese state-run media has been calling for their nation to “recover Taiwan by force” — an obvious consequence of Trump’s extremely lackluster foreign policy skills. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The incident on Thursday occurred days after President-elect Donald J. Trump raised China’s ire by suggesting his administration could abandon a bedrock agreement on Taiwan’s status that has kept peace in the area for decades. Mr. Trump’s suggestion that the U.S. would maintain its position on Taiwan only if China makes concessions to American interests came after he broke decades of diplomatic protocol by accepting a phone call from Taiwan’s president, hitting one of Beijing’s most sensitive issues. Trump, of course, jumped on the opportunity to further provoke China. Unfortunately, he made a rather serious error and was forced to delete and retweet it. Fortunately, George Takei was nice enough to save a copy:

The rest of the internet joined in mocking Trump’s “unpresidented” remark:

Trump says he has the “best words,” but apparently “unpresidented” is not one of them. The true heroes of the day are the folks behind the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s Twitter account.

“Good morning! The is…not ‘unpresidented’. We don’t enter that word,” the Dictionary tweeted. “That’s a new one.”

The word of the day is actually “lave,” which is something his supporters should consider once in a while.

You know Donald Trump isn’t having a good day when we both get to see real-world consequences of his actions and he gets humiliated by the dictionary in the most literal sense.

Featured image via screengrab/Getty Images (Joe Raedle)