Elizabeth Warren Goes Off On Trump In Totally EPIC Series Of Tweets

As we get closer to the day when Trump must take office, conflicts-of-interest continue to rise between his presidency and his series of businesses.

Trump has promised to leave his business to focus on his presidency, yet he plans to leave his children in charge of his business. Of course, that won’t solve anything because as POTUS Trump wouldn’t do anything to harm his children’s new business — and close contact with his children ensures he will still play some sort of role. Therefore, his plan wouldn’t actually be effective, and Elizabeth Warren just called him out on that all over Twitter.

In the past, every president with business assets has had to place them in a blind trust before taking office, for good reason. Donald Trump should definitely not be an exception, but he should have released his taxes, too — and we know how that went. He should not be allowed to leave his business in the hands of his children either, and it’s looking very unlikely he will leave his business in a blind trust unless he is absolutely forced to.

Featured image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images