Judge Orders Trump To Court In Early January; Trump Claims He Can’t Make It

One of Donald Trump’s main tools as a businessman has always been our court systems. Over the year, he’s either sued or been sued more than 4,000 times and it looks like that won’t stop after the electors meet.

Trump has been ordered by a judge to appear in a court deposition over a contractual dispute with celebrity chef, Jose Andres. The judge, DC Superior Court Judge Jennifer A. DiToro, ruled that Trump would have to spend at least seven hours in a New York courtroom in the first week of January.

Trump is suing Andres for backing out of a restaurant deal in Trump’s Washington hotel. Andres said he cancelled because of the anti-Mexican rhetoric during the presidential campaign.

Trump argued that he’s too busy to appear in court.

Trump’s attorneys previously agreed to his deposition in New York City, but sought to limit the length and scope of questioning, arguing in court filings that “Mr. Trump is not just any apex deponent; he is the President-elect … It is not an overstatement that he is extremely busy handling matters of very significant public importance.”

But Di Toro was not moved, ruling Wednesday that limiting Trump’s examination would be too prejudicial to the defense team’s right to prepare the case for trial, and “Mr. Trump’s own statements are at the heart” of the parties’ claims.

Source: CNN

Andres doesn’t want the lawsuit. On Tuesday, he tweeted, “Mr. @realDonaldTrump can we end our lawsuits and we donate $ to Veterans NGO to celebrate? Why keep litigating? Let’s both of us win.”

In other words, if Trump is truly too busy to go to court, he has a way out. It’s doubtful that that’s the real reason though. Trump isn’t really spending much time preparing for his new job. He rarely attends security briefings. Instead, he acts like he’s still on the campaign trail. He prefers to spend his time at meaningless ego-boosting rallies and on Twitter.


Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images