Republicans And Democrats Join Forces To Launch Congressional Probe Into Russian Hackings

Who would have thought Republicans John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker and Democrats Chuck Schumer, Patty Murray and Jack Reed would agree on anything – let alone delegitimizing Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is also on board, but keeping his distance as much as possible (because he’s proven to be a spineless turtle-on-a-fence-post).

This group of neoconservatives and progressive liberals are teaming up together in an attempt to launch a Congressional investigation into Russia after a bombshell report from the CIA found Kremlin-backed thugs used their power to influence the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. They are hoping for a select committee to investigate these findings, but McConnell (whose wife is up for a cabinet appointment) has dismissed calls for such a special committee.

After it was discovered that McConnell tried to quash any internal investigation into the hack (calling the White House “partisan” for even bringing it up), outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid blasted him, saying House Minority Leader Pelosi and he tried to come together with the GOP to address the issue but was stonewalled by McConnell.

I guess Mitch learned his lesson – Americans (besides Trump supporters and left-wingers) don’t like it when foreign nations intervene in our elections and system of democracy.

Acknowledging that the evidence is seemingly inconclusive, Schumer – who is succeeding Reid as Majority Leader – said in a press conference with John McCain:

You have the CIA saying one thing, and the FBI , something else. We need to get to the bottom of this in a fair, non-partisan, non-finger pointing way. We do not know what they have done. There is good evidence they hacked into the DNC … the people who have been briefed have told me this is serious and wide ranging. Let’s find out.

Now the GOP is turning against Trump and his Russian lovers. Considering 2018 is on the horizon – and the historical precedence that the incumbent’s party suffers terrible losses in midterm elections – Republicans have to act quickly. Do they let an illegitimate president-elect and his cronies in the Kremlin call the shots, or do they grow a spine and save their asses?

Congratulations, GOP, you built, nurtured and accepted this mess. Democrats tried to warn you. Seventeen intelligence agencies tried to warn you. Hillary Clinton tried to warn you. But, instead, they chose a potential tax cut and privatization of Medicare.

Once again the Democrats are going to have to clean up the mess created by the GOP, and those same Republicans are having to come home to roost.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images