China Fires Back As Trump Drama ESCALATES Before He Even Takes Office

President-elect Donald Trump has yet to take office, yet he’s still causing international issues for America. Just last week, on December second, Trump had a 10-minute conversation with Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan. This was the first time a US President or president-elect had a direct conversation with Taiwan officials since 1979.

In 1979 Taiwan was diplomatically recognized as China as part of the “One China” policy. Since then there has been no direct contact between Taiwanese and US leaders. Well, Trump ruined that. He claimed in a tweet that Tsai Ing-wen called him, but it’s debated whether or not the phone call had been arranged by Trump’s “Taiwan friendly” staff.

Donald said it was a mere congratulatory call, but the transition team said otherwise: “President-elect trump spoke with President Tsai Ing-wen, who offered her congratulations,” they wrote. “During the discussion, they noted the close economic, political, and security ties exist between Taiwan and the United States. President-elect Trump also congratulated President Tsai on becoming President of Taiwan earlier this year.” His team also claimed the call was planned months in advance. After receiving some criticism for the phone call Trump responded in a Tweet once again:

In response to Trump’s actions, China flew an H-6, an airplane capable of carrying nuclear bombs along the “nine-dash line“. US officials reported to Fox News that this was to send a message to the new administration. With this phone call we can be sure that Trump has put some doubt in the minds of Chinese officials about his intentions.

Featured image via Getty Images