The Working Class Just Got Screwed By Trump AGAIN (TWEET)

Trump promised many hardworking Americans he’d improve their lives if he got elected. Well, he got elected, but it looks like he isn’t going to keep that promise.

Donald is putting together his cabinet, but the people he’s choosing don’t seem to be fit for the job. His most recent addition to his cabinet is yet another millionaire, Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, as Secretary of Labor. Puzder has been opposed to raising the minimum wage for years and has even talked about replacing workers with robots.That’s not good for the working class.

Someone who wants to keep wages low, and even go as far as replacing human workers shouldn’t be Secretary of Labor. Donald Trump said he would side with the working class but there’s no evidence backing that up. In fact, so far he’s only shown plans for the exact opposite.

Many Americans believe there’s too many people on welfare, but when they make only eight dollars an hour, how else are they supposed to get by? Meanwhile, more often than not, their CEOs make in an hour what they make in a year. Sadly this is likely to remain unchanged, or get even worse with our new Secretary of Labor.

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