Numbers Prove Trump A Liar: RECORD Job Growth Will Be The Legacy Of Obama Administration (DETAILS)

Barack Obama has been accused again and again of ruining the economy but where’s the proof? Oh wait, there is none because he’s done the exact opposite of that. In fact, president Obama has broken records by creating jobs.

According to the majority of Republicans, Obama has done just about nothing right. He gets zero credit for the good things he’s done and all the credit for anything that goes slightly wrong. Well, that has to change. Obama has done everything he can for America and is still doing so.¬†Obama is currently on a 78 month long streak of creating jobs. In those 78 months he’s created over 15.1 MILLION jobs. That’s more than any other president in history.

On the off chance that a republican president had managed something like this, they would be receiving plenty of praise. In fact Jesse Lee tweeted a rather accurate remark on that:

It’s ridiculous how poorly Obama has been treated since he’s been in office. He’s worked harder than president-elect Donald Trump ever will, and has made so much progress for this country. Yet all he has received is criticism and sarcastic remarks: “thanks Obama.” Well it’s time for us to start saying thank you to Obama, and mean it.

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