WATCH: White Nationalist Gets Punched On Live Television For Incredibly Racist Remarks

During a debate on French television show Niveau Zéro (Zero Level), right-wing nationalist Daniel Conversano spewed so much hate that essayist Alain Soral couldn’t hold back anymore.

“They’re not French,” Conversano said about Arab immigrants. He thinks Muslims should be killed and wiped out of the country by any means necessary, even if it means committing war crimes.

Conversano is also anti-Semitic, which means he wants to treat Jews like the Nazis treated them.

Soral took issue with Conversano’s open hostility toward Muslims, saying, “They’re not white, you mean,” he replied. “By what right do you dare to say that?”

And then things escalated.

CONVERSANO: “Because it’s the truth and everyone realizes it.”

SORAL: “Who is ‘everyone,’ you little sh*t?”

Conversano responded by defining “everyone” as the 30 percent of people who support the National Front Party in the polls because they have “had it up to their a**holes in Arabs.”

At this point, Soral couldn’t stand listening to Conversano’s racist bullshit anymore and proceeded to whoop his ass.

Here’s the video via YouTube. The fight is at the 9:30 mark:

Over 70 years ago, Americans joined nations around the world to fight and defeat regimes that preached racial purity and hate against certain ethnic groups. White nationalists in Germany took control of the nation from within via elections and the people paid the price for it. Millions of people around the globe paid the price for it with their very lives. Democracy and humanity were directly threatened with annihilation because people like Daniel Conversano in France and Donald Trump here in America are allowed to peddle their hatred and bigotry as mainstream ideas. They play on people’s fears and emotions to turn them against people. And when enough people hand them power, we end up with brutal dictatorships that commit human rights violations and even genocide.

A right-wing movement is currently rising to power across Europe like a plague and even America is going to be controlled by white nationalists for the next four years. For some reason, millions of people in Europe and America have forgotten about what white nationalists have done in the not-so-distant past. Jews were the ones being persecuted during World War II. Muslims are the ones being persecuted now. And fascism is once again poised to destroy democracy. The only question is who is going to stand up and fight against it if the governments and military forces of the free world are dominated by evil?

While we may not necessarily agree with what Soral did, at least he had the courage to fight a white nationalist in defense of human rights. After all, white nationalists have been committing hate crimes and killing people for decades.

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