Trump Team Allegedly Offering Government Appointments To Entertainment Scouts

The Trump team has shown one thing in the last month – they are the worst when it comes to draining the swamp. They have packed the cabinet with the biggest, ugliest swamp monsters, whether they be charter school billionaires or Goldman Sachs executives.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any slimier, it gets way worse.

Apparently, the Trump team is having a hard time finding entertainers for the upcoming inauguration. No one – and that means no one – wants to be associated with that freak show. Not even jail-bait loving Ted Nugent has signed on to help. So naturally, Trump is desperate, lest his ego suffer a blow.

The Trump team is so desperate, that they are actually offering government appointments to those who can find and secure entertainment for the inauguration. According to sources who spoke to The Wrap:

Donald Trump’s inaugural committee is scrambling to lock in A-list Hollywood performers for the parties celebrating him — and having a rough time booking big names, two insiders tell TheWrap. Both said that Trump inaugural committee members have contacted them in recent days offering cash or even a government appointment if they could deliver marquee names.

Of course, the team denied this was happening, saying they are instead “organizing an exciting and uniting celebration of freedom and democracy while following all rules, regulations and appropriate standards of conduct.”

Jenn Topper, the spokeswoman for the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan organization focused on transparency and accountability in government, said, “Without knowing more specifics about the arrangements, it’s difficult to say whether this would violate ethics laws or rules, but it certainly raises questions.”

Imagine if Hillary Clinton offered government jobs to entertainment scouts. Then again, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have a problem booking big-wigs to attend her inauguration.

Donald Trump is already using his newfound power to offer kickbacks to his personal business and to those who help his image. he has no clue what he’s getting himself into, but he likes the attention and the ego bolstering (even if it comes at the expense of our democracy).

Featured image via Steve Pope/Getty Images