HUGE Campaign Promise Broken By Trump As He Stabs Working Class Americans In The Back Yet Again

Whether it’s climate change, Obamacare, prosecuting Hillary Clinton (for…what?), building a wall, or draining the swamp, one thing is certain: Donald Trump has made it clear he has no problem going back on his word.

And now he’s walking back one of the core promises of his campaign: NAFTA. The Hill reports Trump will not rip up NAFTA, contrary to his promises on the campaign trail:

Anthony Scaramucci, a senior advisor on the Trump transition team, told a group of business leaders convened at a bipartisan meeting by the group No Labels that President-elect Donald Trump is a free-trader who is looking to make trade deals more fair, not scrap them.

“I don’t think we’re looking to rip up NAFTA as much as we are looking to right-size it and make it fairer,” Scaramucci said Monday. “He’s got a great relationship, by the way, with the Mexican president. They talk regularly,” referring to Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Scaramucci said part of his role with Trump’s economic team has been to study the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

While campaigning, Trump said he would “terminate” the deal. It was the “worst deal EVER” and needed to be “entirely renegotiated” from the ground up. What happened to that, Trump?

Populist leaders on the left, such as Bernie Sanders, have been critical of NAFTA as well, so it’s unlikely this will be the last Trump hears of it:

Since 2001, nearly 60,000 manufacturing plants in this country have been shut down and we have lost over 4.7 million decent paying manufacturing jobs. NAFTA has led to the loss of nearly 700,000 jobs. PNTR with China has led to the loss of 2.7 million jobs. Our trade agreement with South Korea has led to the loss of about 75,000 jobs. While bad trade agreements are not the only reason why manufacturing jobs in the U.S. have declined, they are an important factor.

Many labor, environmental, consumer and religious groups pushed back against NAFTA, arguing that it would create a “push-to-the-bottom in wages, destroy hundreds of thousands of good U.S. jobs, undermine democratic control of domestic policy-making and threaten health, environmental and food safety standards.”

The concern that the deal would undermine national sovereignty was a big one (as is currently the case with the TPP). As described by public advocacy group Public Citizen, “NAFTA contained 900 pages of one-size-fits-all rules to which each nation was required to conform all of its domestic laws – regardless of whether voters and their democratically-elected representatives had previously rejected the very same policies”.

Donald Trump has absolutely no interest in fulfilling any of his promises to the working class. Instead, he’s giving away favors to the rich while the worst elements of the GOP step into power.

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