White Supremacists Are THRILLED About Trump Picking Racist Jeff Sessions For Attorney General

If Republicans vote to confirm Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, they can never again distance themselves from white nationalism.

Because as soon as many prominent white nationalist heard the news that Donald Trump picked Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, they celebrated and bragged that Sessions will turn the Justice Department into an anti-black institution.

KKK Grand Wizard David Duke is very happy about Trump’s selection, writing on Twitter that Sessions will end what he calls “institutional race discrimination against whites.”

Duke also praised the choice on his radio show and giddily expressed his excitement that the “Jewish-dominated” media will hate Sessions.

Neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer editor Andrew Anglin also celebrated the pick, remarking that “It’s like Christmas,” before bragging about it by calling it a “corrective measure” because President Obama picked African-American attorneys to be Attorney General.

Honestly, I didn’t even expect this to all come together so beautifully. It’s like we’re going to get absolutely everything we wanted.

Of course, I was thinking of Sessions for either Secretary of State or Defense, but I think Trump is making a point by putting an aggressive anti-Black racist in as AG. It’s a corrective measure, after Obama turned the Justice Department into the Black Panthers.

White nationalist radio host James Edwards and white nationalist write Brad Griffin also celebrated the picks, with Edwards remarking that Trump’s picks are close to who he would have picked while Griffin said it feels like Christmas.

Seriously, if you ever needed any more proof that Jeff Sessions being Attorney General is a bad idea, this is it. And there’s a reason why these racists love Sessions. It’s because Sessions is a racist himself who once praised the KKK and called the NAACP “un-American.”

Sessions would have the power to fundamentally transform the Justice Department into a racist organization that turns its back on civil rights. Sessions could also direct the department to ignore voting rights and civil rights violations, allowing racists to discriminate at will as if segregation never ended. He would set civil rights back for years to the point where we might as well rename the Justice Department the Injustice Department, because that’s exactly what it will be under Sessions.

Featured Image: Houston Chronicle