According To The New White House Chief Strategist, Liberal Women Are Just ‘A Bunch Of Dykes’

During an interview, Steve Bannon — who is the new White House strategist under Donald Trump — just referred to left-wing women as “a bunch of dykes”.

Steve Bannon was recently appointed as a senior adviser for Trump, but he is not a good fit for the job. He’s just an egotistical blogger. As chairman of Breitbart News he is known for his right-winged bias, which is quite clear here. In this interview he says right-wing women “are of the highest moral character” while on the left we vilify women. Incredible that he would say this, and then less than a minute later, refer to them as “a bunch of dykes.” You can listen to that irony right here:

There will always be some friction between the right and left, but referring to our liberal women as dykes is a little over the line, especially for the senior adviser of the White House. Then again, look who he advises: Donald Trump, who is well-known for degrading women. It’s sad to see men like this controlling our government.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images