Trump Can’t Find Anyone To Serve On His National Security Team

Donald Trump actually won, despite the popular vote. It’s pretty hard to believe, and no one really expected this. Not even the campaign team itself. As in, they don’t have a national security team. In fact, they are having trouble even getting recruits to be on the team.

According to the Daily Beast one of the senior members of Trump’s team said:

“She wasn’t even sure that she was going to be able to fill a transition team,” much less find people to serve in government positions, this person said.

“In theory, 20 people are supposed to parachute into the Department of Homeland Security [during the transition between administrations]. And I don’t think they have anybody to do it.”

It’s funny to see the Trump campaign struggle to fill these much needed positions, scrambling at the last minute, reaching out to any possible candidate they can to no avail. In fact a handful of U.S. officials already said they’re considering leaving their jobs.

This says quite a bit about our new commander-in-chief. Trump is not experienced in office at all, not to mention he is just simply unfit to run a country, especially the U.S.A.. He promised to do quite a few things during his first 100 days in office, but it looks like he’s going to be busy staffing his administration before he can begin undoing all of Obama’s work. Good thing too, because this country already is great, and nothing Trump has said he’s going to do will make it any better. As a country, we’ve come pretty far over the last several years, but with Trump promising to “ban all Muslims” and build a giant wall on the Mexican border it looks like it’s been in vain. Hopefully, things continue to make it impossible for Trump to get anything done and we can elect another progressive come 2020.

Featured image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images