As Votes For Trump Went Up, Canada’s Immigration Site Went Down — HARD

Well, sad to say, it’s a sure chance the next president of our beloved United States of America is going to be…Donald Trump. It’s disappointing to say the least that our country could actually elect a man like him. However, the electoral college has mostly spoken, and there’s not much we can do at this point.

Now, the people of America who voted against Trump are trying to escape as they realize all they have done was in vain. By escape I mean, they are fleeing to Canada, in such large quantities that they have successfully caused Canada’s immigration to crash. That’s right, even with unofficial results in, they know something’s gotta give.

The best part is this isn’t the first time Canada’s website crashed from desperate Americans. During Super Tuesday the site crashed, and also the Google search for “move to Canada” spiked significantly. Now, Canada has a reputation for being nice. So nice that they responded with an advertisement: “Test Drive Canada“. Isn’t that something?

It’s not a big surprise that those who despise Mr. Trump would look toward our friendly Northern-Neighbours. After all, they have great healthcare, welfare, friendly to Obama, and don’t forget the maple syrup. What’s not to love? Just one little problem with everyone leaving though. The less people here in America who still stand against Trump the more he can do what he wants with our country. Some of us want to stay here and thwart our new orange president every chance we get. The less of us here to do so, well, the less he’ll be thwarted. So for the love of America, as tempting as it might be, don’t leave. Stay here, stand together, and let’s all say “screw you, Trump!” together. It looks like he lost the popular vote, so the fact is, “the people” didn’t vote for him.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images