White Grievance Queen Tomi Lahren Gets OWNED For Lying About Trump ‘Assassination Attempt’

It’s been two days since the Secret Service determined that there was no assassination attempt on Donald Trump’s life, yet conservatives continue to harp about it.

On Saturday night in Reno, an anti-Trump Republican attempted to hold up a sign. Trump supporters immediately surrounded the man. Someone in the crowd yelled “gun” and that was the excuse used to beat up the man until Secret Service intervened. Trump was rushed off stage.

The man was quickly released after no gun was found and it became clear that there was never an assassination attempt.

Let’s repeat that. There was NO assassination attempt and this information has been available since early Sunday morning. But that hasn’t stopped conservatives from posting about it as if Trump somehow heroically survived an attempt on his life.

Not only did Bristol Palin post such bullshit on Sunday morning hours after the Secret Service made their determination, conservative white grievance host Tomi Lahren did the same thing on Monday morning.

And like Palin, Lahren got her ass handed to her on Twitter for it.

Trump supporters truly are delusional. With that said, get ready to hear Lahren whine on Election Night when Donald Trump loses. It’s going to be classic temper tantrum.

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