REPORT: Trump’s Mind SHATTERED In The Face Of Mortifying Defeat

Going into Election Day, Trump’s campaign is worried enough about his lack of control to wrestle his Twitter account away from him, lest he completely loses it there and destroys whatever chance he has left of winning. But that’s not all. Reports are surfacing that, in the 11th hour, Trump’s entire state of mind is deteriorating as he’s increasingly faced with a humiliating loss.

The New York Times ran a report on the failing candidate’s last gasp of air, finding that Trump sleeps less and less, needs aides and family to talk to him at all hours of the day and night, and requires reassurances that his campaign is still on the right track (it hasn’t been on the right track since in launched).

He’s angry, he’s short-tempered, he’s erratic, and while that all seems like typical Trump, it’s gotten worse in final run-up to Nov. 8.

For instance, he’s been so upset about early voting numbers and polls that he flew completely off the handle at his staff over an ABC News poll showing Hillary leading by double digits. In doing so, he terrified them into actually discussing a confrontation with the network, accusing them of bias and intent to suppress the vote of Trump fans.

He’s always thought his rally numbers proved he was winning, but now he pushes that almost to the exclusion of all else as his real numbers fall. And his rallies are indicative of nothing, but they’re all he’s got left and somewhere he knows it.

In fact, that could be why he scheduled five rallies across half the country for one day, three of which were in Minnesota, Virginia and Michigan. He has a less than one-in-five chance of winning those states. He’s only got a one-in-four chance of winning Pennsylvania now. Some on Twitter were confused by where he staged his rally blitz:

Another part of Trump’s meltdown is promoting his businesses instead of his candidacy and agenda. His staff has tried, and failed, to keep him corralled and on-message as he does his own thing. Now that he’s looking to be royally embarrassed tomorrow night, he has to seem in control of something and he doesn’t know how else to look like a success. The newest Hillary email scandal collapsed. Numbers are tightening in some places but early voting heavily favors Hillary in crucial states. Everything that was supposed to put him over the top has dissolved in his hands.

And his campaign style has taken on the desperate notes of “I want to look like I went down fighting,” instead of, “I can still win this thing.” Combine that with his lack of sleep, his now-constant need for soothing reassurance, and his increasingly out-of-control temper, and we’ve got a presidential candidate who is literally losing his mind.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images