Van Jones Has Powerful Conversation With Trump Supporters About The Possibility Of Civil War (VIDEO)

The possibility of a civil war has been on a lot of people’s minds as the election gets closer. CNN’s Van Jones decided to sit down with a family of Trump supporters to discuss this very issue. Fittingly, the family he met with lived in Gettysburg, the site of the bloodiest battle of Civil War.

The video, titled Episode One: The Messy Truth, is the first of a three part series and delves into the deep divisions facing America right now. Jones spoke with the Coradetti family just one day after Donald Trump “had given his own ‘Gettysburg Address.'”

“I asked: are we on the verge of ANOTHER Civil War? What I discovered will shock you, amaze you – and possibly even inspire you,” Jones wrote on Facebook. “We need to start talking to each other, not just about each other. Please SHARE far and wide. #NextCivilWar?”

Jones succeeded in what he set out to do, which was to have an honest and eye-opening conversation about the political climate in the United States, bringing both sides together. Not in an effort to change anyone’s mind and agreeing to disagree, but hopefully allowing all involved to walk away with a deeper understanding of one another.

Are we headed for another civil war? Why on earth do these people support Trump? How can they ignore Trump’s history of sexual assault and his willingness to brag about it? How do they get past the racism and hatred Trump spurs on? Their answers may surprise you.

Watch Episode One: The Messy Truth here, via Facebook:

Featured image via video screen capture