War On Christmas Dimwits LOSE IT Over New Starbucks Cup – There’s Just One TEENSY Problem (VIDEO)

It’s the first week of November, so of course, it’s time for the annual “War on Christmas” idiocy to get underway. Last year, there was a massive brouhaha about Starbucks’ holiday cups – they were plain red, and of course, people were pissed. Somehow, removing images like snowflakes and what-not from the cups amounted to “taking Jesus out of Christmas.” Well, Starbucks just put out a green cup with people on it, and of course, people are pissed.

There’s just one problem.

The green cups aren’t Starbucks’ holiday cups.

Starbucks didn’t even mention Christmas or the holiday season when they released these cups!

They’re actually unity cups, designed to help remind people that we’re all people, all Americans, during an unprecedentedly divisive election season. Starbucks’ holiday cups haven’t even come out yet, but they will be red with what looks like white holly leaves and berries on them. Or one version is – the photo was leaked and we can’t see whether there are several versions or just that one.

Watch Buzzfeed News’ video about the whole non-controversy below:

And here is some of the proof that the ‘War on Christmas’ blockheads are exactly that:

This is the epitome of Christian ignorance and privilege. How’s this: Learn what you’re outraged over, accept that you just made horrific fools of yourselves, and get over it, people.

Featured image via video screen capture