The Cast Of ‘Will & Grace’ Just SHREDDED Trump In HILARIOUS Musical Spoof (VIDEO)

By now we’ve all heard about or seen the cast of Will & Grace get back together to make sure everyone votes for Hillary Clinton in a reboot of the hit show titled “Vote Honey.”

Well, they’re back at it again.

According to NewNowNext:

“Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally, Debra Messing and Sean Hayes reunited for the event—which took place at the home of Michael Lombardo and Sonny Ward—and featured the former co-stars singing a musical number about their love for Clinton and how Donald Trump “is the worst.””

The group did a remake of “Officer Krupke” from ‘West Side Story’ written by the amazing Randy Rainbow.

Here are a few tweets from Debra Messing showing the old gang back together:

It’s beyond obvious that the four performers want Hillary Clinton to win and Donald Trump to most definitely lose.

With lines like:

“Cause Donald Trump’s the freaking worst.”


“The trouble is he’s racist (wrong)
The trouble is he’s unfair (wrong)
The trouble is he’s tasteless (wrong)
The trouble is his hair (wrong)
We don’t know how he got here
Can’t wait til he is gone
Hope he doesn’t sue us for this song”

Ending with:

“Hillary Clinton, we’re with you!”

The entire performance is beyond amazing, and definitely hilarious.

Watch the hilarity go down here:

Featured image via Twitter