WATCH: Texas Judge Leaves Republican Party In EPIC Video Ripping Trump And GOP

Donald Trump’s vitriol and sexism just made a Texas judge leave the Republican Party, and she announced her departure on video.

The exodus from the GOP continues as yet another Republican has decided to jump off the sinking ship that Republican leaders nominated Trump to helm.

Judge Lauren Parish announced and explained her decision while seated in her seat at the 115th Judicial District Court, where she works.

“It is with a heavy heart that I have watched as the Republican nominee for president has made a mockery of our country and our citizenry,” she began.

“I have watched in horror as he has disavowed our military heroes, made fun of the disabled, divided our country along racial, religious and gender lines, mocked the judicial branch of government, expounded untruth after untruth, promoted violence and disrespect, boasted about sexual assault against women, and made vitriol the platform of his campaign.

In short, my family values, my Christian value, my core beliefs have been disenfranchised by my party‚Äôs nominee for president. Therefore, after much thought and deliberation I have decided that it would violate my conscience to continue to be a member of the Republican Party.”

Parish explained that she has seen Trump’s hate and incivility trickle into local politics and she is sick of it.

“Quite frankly, I can no longer be affiliated with a party that could tolerate such antagonism and hatred,” Parish continued. “I can no longer sit idly by while this abhorrent disease continues to infect what was once a respectable and honorable political party of the past. The Grand Old Party of Lincoln no longer exists today.”

Parish explained that she was taught to love her neighbor and to build people up instead of tearing them down. And she refuses to sacrifice her values and beliefs just because the Republican Party is abandoning their own.

“I announce today that the current national Republican Party has abandoned all the principles instilled in me by my parents, my church and my community. As a result, I can no longer tolerate being affiliated with the current Republican Party. I see no way of reconciling my Christian beliefs with the manner in which the national Republican party is conducting itself. As of today, I am resigning my affiliation with the Republican Party.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

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The reality that Republicans are leaving the party in Texas is huge because the state has slowly become a battleground state since Trump won the nomination. The race there is so tight, in fact, that Hillary Clinton is only down by three points. So Texas could very well be in play, and it’s because moderate Republicans can no longer stomach Trump being the leader of their party.

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video