Donald Trump Is Going To HATE What The NY Times Published This Morning

If you needed more proof that Donald Trump is a toxic hateful bully, there’s a two-page spread in the New York Times you need to read.

On Monday, the New York Times published every single insult Trump has made on Twitter against every person, place, or thing since he threw his hat in the presidential race in June 2015.

And it’s such a long list that it take up a full two pages.

Among the people, places, and things the Republican nominee has insulted includes the United States, Saturday Night Live, Saudi Arabia, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, the TSA, reporter Katy Tur, sexual assault victims, Megyn Kelly, CNN, Ted Cruz, the Republican Party, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, China, immigrants, a book about William McKinley, and more. The list goes on and on.

No president in the history of this country has ever been this hateful. This list could also very well be the first of its kind and it’s about a major presidential candidate.

Trump and the Republican Party should be embarrassed. Donald Trump has disgraced himself over and over again but his supporters still continue to back him.

But Twitter users pointed out a few things about this list.

Of course, conservatives whined that there isn’t a similar list about Hillary Clinton and proceeded to post about things that have been debunked or things Hillary has been cleared of.

Trump’s supporters apparently didn’t read the title of the article because if they had they would see that it’s all the things Trump has said on Twitter over the last year and a half. They even printed it in big letters.

If the New York Times printed a list of all the other things Trump has said and done it would fill the entire paper. Maybe the New York Times should consider doing that.

Featured Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images