Brainless Misogynist: Women Wouldn’t Need Tampons If They Had Any Self-Control

A 19-year old kid is upset about the debate over the U.K.’s “tampon tax,” because he considers tampons to be luxury items. Why are tampons luxury items in his world? Incredibly enough, it’s not because men don’t need them. It’s because, in this kid’s eyes, women should just not bleed until they’re able to get to a toilet. Because, you know, periods totally work that way.

It might seem like this is satire, but it’s not. This kid actually does think this way, despite having a girlfriend. He said:

“People are saying tampons shouldn’t be taxed because they are a necessity but why can’t those women just learn to control their bladders?

If they are going to bleed then they should wait until they get to the toilet. It’s all about self-control.

If you can’t control your bladder then that’s not the taxpayers’ problem. I don’t urinate everywhere and expect free nappies.”

For this nonsense, he earned an awful lot of what he calls hate, and that’s not surprising at all. He needs a biology lesson and everyone who’s said so is right. Despite his obvious deficiencies, Ryan fancies himself a politician and “politics expert,” and says on his Instagram account, “Making the #meninist movement mainstream once again.” The meninist movement is basically the men’s rights movement, which is full of poor, put-upon guys who think women are oppressing them and are the devil.

The comments on the picture below, via his Instagram account, explain it all:

Bumped into @brooklynbeckham #brooklynbeckham

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Even that doesn’t stop him, though. In response to what he no doubt sees as the preposterous idea that he doesn’t know anything about biology here, he said:

“People have told me that I must have skipped biology lessons but I don’t understand how that is relevant. I have even had death threats.

People are saying it isn’t dirty, it’s natural but urine and faeces are natural and still dirty. It’s utter hypocrisy.”

He’s thrilled that men agree with him on the issue of tampon taxes, because of course they do, and that may have swelled his head because he’s as egotistical as he clueless. He actually said on his Facebook page: “For TV requests, contact me directly.”

He’s also been dumb enough to start what can only be termed a sarcastic GoFundMe campaign for biology lessons, which he proved he needs because he still can’t understand why women can’t just hold their bladders. He believes we’re all lazy because we don’t, and has the most bizarre example of why it’s just a matter of self control:

“My gorgeous Toy Poodle, castrated when she was a puppy to stop the periods and to prevent any aggression PMT would give her.

If your bladder is too weak… which clearly it is for most of you, then see a doctor and have the same procedure.”

What does that even mean? You can’t castrate a female – he’s suggesting that women get hysterectomies to stop their periods. This guy thinks we actually like bleeding for a week every single month for most of our lives. Or, at the very least, that we don’t mind it. Then again, he also says his girlfriend never bleeds. Too bad his GoFundMe isn’t serious. He’s in dire need of those biology lessons.

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