BREAKING: Trump’s Newest Endorsement PROVES He’s A Racist Piece Of Crap (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is obsessed with himself. So obsessed that he covers his wall with covers of magazines and newspapers that have his face on them, because “it’s cheaper than wallpaper.” Well just recently¬†The Crusader, the KKK’s official newspaper, has endorsed Trump. Do you think that’ll make it up on his wall? Or does he not “know anything about them?” In the past when talk of David Duke and the KKK endorsing Trump was circulating he claimed to know nothing about them. Shouldn’t someone who’s the potential president of the United States know what the KKK is? You can see more on that here:

So while Donald Trump claims to have know idea who the Klu Klux Klan is, there have been ties from Trump’s inner circle to the KKK. With his support taking a sharp nosedive in the polls, it’s not hard to imagine him accepting support from just about anybody. Or maybe this time he’ll pretend he doesn’t know what the KKK is again.