When You See A Trump Supporter Calling The Election ‘Rigged,’ This Is The PERFECT Reply

When you see a Trump supporter parroting his blatantly false talking point about the electoral process being “rigged,” just send them to istheelectionrigged.com.

Recent polls have been disappointing for Trump and his followers, to say the least. In response they’ve began to accuse the election of being rigged, but where is there proof? Because we have plenty of facts that say otherwise.

The electoral process in America is thorough, to say the least. Thorough enough to earn the United States an 11/12 score on the electoral process from Freedom House, an independent, nonprofit organization that rates democratic institutions. You can find their reasoning through the link above.

Voter fraud, for example, is virtually nonexistent. In 2014, a study showed that out of a billion ballots casted since 2000, there’s only been 31 cases of voter fraud. So where’s this fraud Trump is talking about? Oh, wait, it’s just another one of his lies.

The right-wing really screwed us over when they chose Trump as their candidate. He’s brought nothing good to our country, ever. Donald Trump is a child, and what do children do when they don’t get their way? They whine, saying it’s unfair or try to blame it on someone else. There is no fraud going on in our election, Donald is just running out of excuses. He’s a liar, just saying what people want to hear. His supporters are the type of people to follow blindly, never actually doing the research themselves — otherwise they wouldn’t be his supporters. This is slightly worrisome, especially with recent talk of taking up arms against the corruption. Trump’s rhetoric is undermining faith in United States democracy, with absolutely no evidence of fraud or wrongdoing. He’s taking advantage of low information voters and, through his own narcissism and grand stupidity, may cause violence to break out when he inevitably loses (make sure to vote!).

There’s no proof of fraud or “rigging” in our electoral process, and there’s been plenty to disprove it. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly doubtful that this news will stop Trump and his supporters from angrily blaming the system for Trump’s failure.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images