BREAKING: Sheriff Calls For REBELLION After Donald Trump Calls Election ‘Rigged’ (VIDEO)

As Donald Trump’s poll numbers drop, he continues to blame it on some vast conspiracy, saying that the election is being rigged. In response, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wants civilians to take up “pitchforks and torches,” presumably in armed insurrection. He’s not the first Trump supporter to make similar statements, and he won’t be the last.

Donald Trump is losing support, and will blame it on whatever he can to make himself look better. He’s now referring to the election as “one big ugly lie,” and endangering the democratic process that defines our success as a nation.

Here’s the video, via HuffPo:

Sheriff Clarke has previously said the Black Lives Matter and Occupy movements are anarchy, yet still tweets about taking up arms against the “corruption” in the federal government. He tweeted at 11:30 A.M. Saturday morning: “It’s incredible that our institutions of gov, WH, Congress, DOJ, and big media are corrupt & all we do is bitch. Pitchforks and torches time”. Trump has been known to encourage violence at his rallies and will likely continue to encourage behavior like this, escalating as we approach the election. Here are some examples from his Twitter account:


As the election closes in, Trump is panicking and doing whatever he can to stay afloat. In the end, he is just going to embarrass himself more and more. If and when his rhetoric results in actual violence, he needs to be held accountable for the part he has played.

Featured image via video screenshot