Obama Just Warned Trump: Don’t Attack My Wife Or There Will Be Hell To Pay

The White House has warned Donald Trump not to turn his attacks to Michelle Obama, or things could get quite rough for him.

“I can’t think of a bolder way for Donald Trump to lose even more standing than he already has than by engaging the First Lady of the United States,” principal deputy White House press secretary Eric Schultz told reporters aboard Air Force One. To date, The Donald has largely stayed away from attacking the First Lady, with his one reference to her — a blatantly false claim that she attacked Clinton in political ads — only serving to embarrass him.

“I’ve gotten to see some of the most vicious commercials I’ve ever seen of Michelle Obama talking about you, Hillary,” Trump said at the debate, earning him a collective eyeroll from America and a “false” from PolitiFact. In reality, Obama has campaigned hard for Clinton.

Schultz is right: if Trump begins attacking the First Lady, a woman who is admired by people on both sides of the political aisle and who (for the most part) avoids engaging in politics, it will show that he truly has no shame — if The Wall, a proposed Muslim ban, grabbing women “by the pussy,” courting white supremacists, and a f*cking child rape case had not managed to make that clear already.

Schultz’s warning is a good one: there is nothing The Donald can do strip what little legitimacy his campaign has ever had than to attack a woman whose primary concern for the last eight years has been making sure children are educated and fed. The blowback would be something even Trump could not handle.

Of course, Trump will likely view this as a challenge — but even if he doesn’t go on the attack, his “deplorables” have had him covered in that area for years.

On Thursday, Michelle Obama didn’t attack Trump, but she very poignantly pointed out exactly how awful he is. Watch that below:

Featured image via Getty Images (Chip Somodevilla/Ty Wright)