Billionaire Richard Branson Breaks Silence About Trump, Exposes Truth About His ‘Temperament’ (TWEETS)

Up until this point, Mark Cuban has been one of the most outspoken billionaires going after Trump and begging America to vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Today, it seems like another business mogul is ready to join Cuban’s cause and tell America to wake the hell up.

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, has finally spoken out against Trump and has done so via a brutal statement on his company’s website. His statement opened with something that most of us – especially Cuban — could agree with. Branson said:

“I want an entrepreneur to become president one day – just not Donald Trump.”

In railing against the disgraced GOP candidate, Branson didn’t hold back in telling Americans that Trump is such a horrendous excuse for a candidate, that many of Branson’s conservative wealthy colleagues cannot even bring themselves to vote for him, even though they may have voted Republican religiously in the past. Branson said:

“Quite a few of my American friends, especially some very successful entrepreneurs, are registered Republicans. They have told me they are unable to vote for Donald Trump due to his extreme views, and his shocking ignorance of policy.”

Branson continued to trash Trump while showering his opponent in compliments, stating that Clinton is “a safe pair of hands and a leader of supreme experience and knowhow.”



Then, Branson got real on Trump’s temperament, because apparently some people need to be reminded over and over again how dangerous it is to have a ticking time bomb with the maturity of a three-year-old in the White House:

“On the other hand, Mr Trump’s temperament is irrational, aggressive and he lacks informed ideas on how to grow jobs in America. An entrepreneur president would put that at the heart of his plans and yet his fear-based campaign blames immigrants and open borders. America was built upon a collective embracing of diversity and openness – not division and close-mindedness. There are too many examples of Mr Trump’s lack of empathy and respect to name. I agree with many on both sides of America’s political aisle that he is unfit for office.”



Branson concluded by urging Americans to “make sure you vote for your future” and not “be misled by uninformed, inflammatory remarks.”

Featured image via Ty Wright and Mike Coppola / Getty Images