Rush Limbaugh: Lack Of Consent Is Just An Excuse Leftists Use To Vilify Rapists (AUDIO)

Nobody with any brains has ever accused Rush Limbaugh of understanding pretty much anything at all, but his latest bout with doltishness just went way over the line, even for him. While whining up a storm about decaying sexual morality in this country, he tried to paint the left as hypocrites because we tolerate anything sexual as long as there’s consent. When there’s no consent, we send out the rape police, and apparently, this is a problem.

Have you ever heard anything so completely asinine in your life? What people do in their bedrooms is their business, but all bets are off when there’s no consent. Sex must be consensual or it’s rape. End of story. However, Limbaugh actually sees that as evidence of major hypocrisy when it comes to Trump’s damning “hot mic” moment, where he admitted to sexually assaulting women. He said:

“You know what the magic word, the only thing that matters in American sexual mores today is? One thing. You can do anything, the left will promote and understand and tolerate anything, as long as there is one element. Do you know what it is? Consent. If there is consent on both or all three or all four, however many are involved in the sex act, it’s perfectly fine. Whatever it is. But if the left ever senses and smells that there’s no consent in part of the equation then here come the rape police. But consent is the magic key to the left.”

Listen to this vile, pathetic, diseased beer turd of a man below, because holy shit:

Of course, this is also the man that said we would legalize rape if we could because we’d just call it the Civil Rights Act of 2016. That’s kind of odd, though, considering Limbaugh is now jumping on us for sending out “the rape police” whenever we see instances of rape.

When he brought this up, he was discussing bathroom bills intended to keep transgender people out of the bathrooms that correspond with their identities:

“Now [civil rights] is being expanded. Civil rights, gay marriage; civil rights, transgender bathroom rights; civil rights, whatever the left wants. Except over here, rape has become a safety issue.”

Sexual assault is a safety issue, but only when we’re talking about people that Limbaugh and his loyal fans hate. It’s “just words” when Donald Trump brags about actually doing it.

Put another way, these people are terrified of sexual predators posing as transgender people and invading women’s public restrooms, despite the fact that there’s no evidence this happens. However, their lord and savior, Donald Trump, can brag about actually assaulting women and he’s “just saying words.” No concern for the safety of women who encounter him at all.

Hypocrisy? Nobody’s being hypocritical except the Trump-supporting right. And if Limbaugh can’t understand what consent is, and how lack of consent literally means sexual assault and rape, then it’s going to take an iron crowbar to beat it into his brain.

Featured image via Bill Pugliano/Getty Images