WATCH: Giuliani Says A Woman Can’t Be President Because Trump Is A ‘Genius’ For Not Paying Taxes

Rudy Giuliani not only insulted the intelligence of Americans who pay their taxes every year like good citizens are supposed to do, he insulted women, too.

During an appearance on ABC’s This Week, the former NYC mayor responded to the bombshell New York Times report that Trump avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades by calling him a “genius,” while suggesting that Hillary Clinton is a stupid woman because she paid her fair share.

“Absolute genius,” Giuliani told George Stephanopoulos before going on to excuse Trump’s failure to contribute to the general welfare of this country.

“The man, in The Art of the Deal this is described, first of all we are talking about 26 years ago, perfectly legal. We should get that straight immediately. It’s a perfectly legal application of the tax code and he would have been a fool not to take advantage of it. Not only that, but he would have probably breached his fiduciary duty to his investors, to his business. You have an obligation when you run a business to maximize the profits and if there is a tax law that says I can deduct this, you deduct it. If you fail to deduct it, people can sue you. Your investors can sue you.”

Giuliani seemed to think that Trump only wrote off a $1.8 million loss on his taxes in 1995, but Stephanopoulos had to inform him that he actually wrote off $915 million.

Nevertheless, Giuliani had no problem with that either and claimed that Trump not paying his taxes is a good thing that makes him the most qualified for the presidency. But he began by bragging about how much money Trump makes now, and it turns out Trump could have paid off his losses in under a couple years but chose to let taxpayers foot the bill instead.

“$916 million. Well, Last year for example he made $625 million. So if he had one year in which he made $1 billion, he would have wiped it out the last [inaudible] one year. So it’s unlikely that it carried forward with 18 years. That is the amount of income he was making. Second, every great man has had failures and The Art of the Deal, he explains it. Churchill was thrown out of office twice. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and had nothing. The reality is, this man, 26 years ago, had some failures and then he built an empire. I would like that working for me for the United States.”

Oh, but Giuliani didn’t shut up after that. He had to insult Hillary Clinton and women everywhere.

According to Giuliani, Trump should be president because Hillary Clinton is a stupid woman for actually doing her civic duty by paying taxes.

“This a genius that had to take advantage of legal remedies that can help your company survive and grow. I want a man who is genius for figuring out how to take this country, moving in the wrong direction, where we have had a basically jobless recovery, where we’ve had a growth of less than 2 percent for two years, that is pathetic. Don’t you think a man who has this kind of economic genius is a lot better for the United States than a woman and the only thing she has ever produced is a lot of work for the FBI checking out her emails?”

Stephanopoulos would go on to hit Giuliani with Trump’s past hypocrisy because the Republican nominee has whined about the conservative talking point that 50 percent of Americans don’t pay income taxes and has complained about “hedge fund guys getting away with murder” by not paying taxes.

Here’s the video via Media Matters.

Donald Trump is a complete fraud who lies to the American people. He is coward for not releasing his tax returns and now we know why he doesn’t want to release them. Because they would destroy his campaign and Republicans know it.

The fact is that while Hillary Clinton released her tax returns to the public and revealed that she actually pays her taxes, Donald Trump is enjoying all of the benefits of our society without contributing to the revenues that pay for them. That’s unfair and un-American and he should not be rewarded for it.

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