Andrea Tantaros Just Buried Fox News With Sworn Affidavit From A Professional Therapist

Fox News needs to take Andrea Tantaros’ sexual harassment lawsuit seriously because she refuses to back down.

The conservative network has repeatedly belittled Tantaros and called her a liar ever since she slapped Fox News with a sexual harassment lawsuit naming Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly.

Tantaros has even dared her former Fox employers to take a lie detector test, even offering to take one herself because she has nothing to hide. But now Tantaros has some serious reinforcements who can back up her sexual harassment claims.

As it turns out, the former host of Outnumbered was distraught enough about the demeaning working environment at Fox News that she saw a professional therapist starting in 2014 to deal with how she was constantly being treated by Fox bigwigs.

Dr. Michele Berdy has now written a sworn affidavit confirming that Tantaros spoke with her about how Ailes would tell her to wear tighter dresses and how he would demand her to stand up and turn around so he could ogle her. Tantaros also told Berdy about Bill O’Reilly’s unwanted advances and how Fox PR chief Bill Shine ordered her to not file complaints about Ailes’ behavior.

Berdy wrote that after reading reports about Fox denying the claims, she reached out to Tantaros and gave her support.

“Over the course of many months (2014 – 2016), Andrea relayed to me on multiple occasions instances of Mr. Ailes’s demeaning and overtly predatory behavior, as well as the abusive conduct of Fox News’s public relations department,” Berdy wrote.

Berdy confirmed that Tantaros spoke to her repeatedly about how she sought help from Bill Shine to make the harassment stop but he did nothing except basically tell Tantaros to just let it happen and allow Ailes to continue harassing her. In addition, Berdy confirmed Tantaros’ claim that Ailes retaliated against her for refusing to comply with his sexual demands.

Berdy also backed up Tantaros’ story of how O’Reilly approached her on multiple occasions to invite her to a private beach house, which he did because he had heard that she is “wild.”

Here are images of parts of the affidavit via Twitter.





This is a pretty damning affidavit against Fox News, which has already had to make a pretty hefty payment to former host Gretchen Carlson over her own sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes.

The fact that Tantaros had to see a therapist to deal with the constant abuse at her workplace and that her complaints were documented long before she filed the lawsuit bring even more credibility and sympathy to her story.

It’s time for Fox News to clean house and fire the people who are responsible for covering for Ailes and it’s time to fire anyone who sexually harassed female employees at the network, including Bill O’Reilly and even Steve Doocy, whom Carlson named in her lawsuit.

Fox News thinks they can bully Tantaros and make her lawsuit go away. But she isn’t backing down and it’s only getting worse for Fox the longer this lawsuit plays out.

Featured image via Dangerous Minds