Black Protester SHUTS DOWN Fox Reporter On Live TV For ‘F***ing Fabricated Story’ (VIDEO)

Last night, Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan was reporting live in Charlotte, North Carolina to cover  police brutality protests that had erupted after a shooting. Perhaps because Fox News has typically shamed these kinds of protests and ran footage that depicted protesters as thugs and looters in the past, Harrigan got his a** handed to him by a protester that didn’t hesitate to confront the notoriously racist network.

The female African American protester went right up to Harrigan and decided to educate him about why she and other protesters had gathered. When Harrigan tried to shame her for being outside in an area where someone had just gotten shot, the protester couldn’t tolerate his ignorance and white privilege any longer. Harrigan made the mistake of asking her, “If a man was shot about 50 yards over there, we don’t know by who. Why are you here?”

And that was it. The protester went off, and replied to Harrigan, “Because I serve a purpose” right before giving him a brutal lesson in racism. She forcefully said that no matter where she is, at any given moment she could be shot just because of the color of her skin. She said:

“I could be at work, at school, in my car, I can still get shot – by the police!”

Pointing out the fact that racism still exists in America, she continued:

“We are not the same. We are human, but I am black and you are white so don’t tell me not to come over here…”

Harrigan tried to jump in, but the protester quickly called him out for “using sarcasm” as a crowd began to gather, and accused the network of only being at the protests so that they could get video footage and “make a f*cking fabricated story” — which we all know Fox News has done in the past.

You can watch the protester shut down Fox News below:

Featured image is a screenshot