WATCH: Joy Reid DESTROYS Trump Supporter Who Claims Trump’s Campaign Isn’t Racist (VIDEO)

Steve Cortes, an avid Trump supporter, appeared on AM Joy where he claimed that Donald Trump’s campaign is “an incredibly non-racist campaign.” Well, any fan of the show’s host Joy Reid knows that she is not going to just accept a claim like that on her show.

“What you seem to be saying, is that it is okay to laugh at this idea of people who are outright racists who are part of the coalition of Donald Trump,” Reid said. “You seem to be saying, we don’t care, we want to ridicule the idea that this is bad, and we don’t care if it grows our coalition.”

Cortes upset that Reid brought up David Duke support’s for Trump’s campaign because Trump has renounced Duke’s endorsement. Cortes apparently doesn’t seem to understand that Duke’s endorsement itself does not necessarily matter. The fact that the white supremacist movement in the United States supports Trump because of his policy proposals and rhetoric. The only true way to actually denounce these people would be to scrap Trump’s entire platform and adopt one that racists would not be fond of. That, or drop out of the race altogether.

Cortes then says that compared to previous Republican elections, Trump’s campaign is incredibly non-racist.

“I would remind you that Donald Trump, particularly compared to past Republican presidential candidates, is running an incredibly non-racist campaign,” Cortes said. “He’s gone into the barrio and he is going into the inner-city and you can laugh, but we are appealing directly to people of color.”

The rest of the panelists on the show laughed at Cortes’ assertion.

“Then why is it that Donald Trump is the most disliked and despised Republican candidate among people of color that we have had, probably in a generation?” Reid asked.

“People who say that racism is not central to this campaign: let me explain this to you,” wrtiter and journalist Touré stated. “This is a campaign that started with birtherism, continues with the wall, we’re going to ban all Muslims and we’re at war economically with the Chinese. Is there any person of color who the campaign is not at war with? I can’t find one!”

Studies have shown that roughly half of the Republican Party’s membership is racist. There is no getting around that fact. Trump’s campaign has appealed to that base throughout his campaign with vile, even hateful rhetoric. No matter what Trump’s supporters say those are the facts.

You can watch the segment below:

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